Subtitles & Translation: Transcribe a File in One Language, then Translate It into Other Languages

In this article, we'll explain how to order captions in the language of your video, and then have those captions translated into other languages. For example, you might be wondering:

  • "I have a video in English that I want captioned in English and translated into Spanish."
  • "I have a video in Spanish that I want captioned in Spanish and translated into English, Japanese, and Russian."
  • "I have a video in German that I want captioned in German and translated into English and Spanish."

For this article, we'll use the first example: How to have a video with English dialogue captioned in English and translated into Spanish.

The key to remember here is that this actually involves two separate orders: a transcription order and a translation order.

(If you needed translations into multiple languages, you would place a separate translation order for each language)

To have a video captioned/transcribed in English, and then also have the English captions translated to Spanish, you would take the following steps:

1. First, you can place a transcription order via these instructions and select English as the language.

2. Then, once that order is complete, you can place a English > Spanish translation order via these instructions.

Once both orders are complete, you'll have captions available in both languages!



Please Note:  Files must first be transcribed in their original language to create an initial transcript for our translation vendors to follow. Turnaround deadlines for translation files are in addition to the original turnaround deadline for the initial transcription service. 

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