Subtitles & Translation: Activate Fast Transperfect Turnaround Module

Requesting faster turnaround times for Transperfect Translation and Other Language Transcription requests is possible however it is not an option available by default. Follow the steps below to enable fast turnaround options for the Transperfect services within a 3Play Media project. 

Step 1- Navigate to Fast Transperfect Turnaround Module

Click Settings located in the upper, right-hand corner of the My Files page.


From Settings, locate Add-On Modules on the left-hand side of the page.

Click Fast Transperfect Turnaround


Step 2- Request Access

Click Request Access to notify your account manager that you would like access to this module.


Once access has been granted you will need to navigate back to the module to activate it.


Step 3- Submit Scheduled Order Information

IMPORTANT: Transperfect adds a 25% Surcharge to all orders placed for fast turnaround UNLESS Notice it provided at least 48 hours prior to placing an order. 

To submit notice about an upcoming order, fill out the Scheduled Order form (now available in your navigation bar).



See more information for scheduling an order to provide notice to Transperfect.

Step 4- Select Desired Turnaround for Future Orders

Once activated, turnaround options for Expedited (2 day) and Rush (1 day) will display in addition to Standard when placing an order for Translation and Other Language Transcription if Transperfect is selected as your vendor.

Turnaround is guaranteed with respect to defined SLAs and difficult content. 

Turnaround Level

Individual File Duration Limit

Daily Upload Limit

Standard (5 business days)


2 Hours 

Rush (1 business day)

10 minutes

30 Minutes

Expedited (2 business days)

30 minutes

2 Hours


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