Translation: Submit a Request for Completed Transcription Files

Translation services are available for files once a translation profile has been created. Upon completion of the translation process, subtitles can be downloaded directly from the account system in a variety of formats.

If the source content was uploaded via an integration with Postback Captions enabled, the translation should automatically post back to the hosting video platform.

BEFORE submitting requests for translations REVIEW your transcripts and make any necessary edits. Edits made to your transcripts AFTER submitting them for translation WILL NOT propagate to the translated file. Avoid editing the transcript until the translation is complete.

See more information on how to edit a transcript.

Please note that a translation can be requested for multiple files at once but only one language at a time.

Step 1- Select Files

From the My Files page, check the box next to the files to be translated.

If a translation profile has not been set up, you will be directed to do this first.
See more information on creating a translation profile.

Step 2- Click Order Services

Click Order Services located above the list of files, and then click Translation from the drop-down menu.

Select Translation

Step 3- Select Language

Select a language from the list of available languages, Please note that only one language can be chosen at a time.

On the right side of the page the translation order summary will be viewable. From this menu view the current translation request which includes selected language, the translation vendor, and the estimated cost.
Translation order summary

After selecting a language click Next.
Actual cost may change slightly based on vendor measurement methods.

Step 4- Select Vendor and Service Level

Vendor Selection

After a language is selected, the Vendor options available for that language will display.

Select either Gengo, DotSub, or Machine Translation.

Click the link below for more information regarding languages and service levels supported by the following translation vendor options...

Click here for more information regarding languages and service levels for Gengo
Click here for more information regarding languages and service levels for DotSub
Click here for more information regarding languages for Machine Translation

The vendor set as your default translation vendor within the project Translation Profiles section will be selected if it a supported language was selected in step 4. If the language selected is not supported by your project's default translation vendor, the other translation vendor will be selected. If the language selected is supported by Machine Translation, this will also be an option.

Vendor's Service Level

Gengo offers a Standard service level and a Pro service level.
offers a One Pass General service level and a Two Pass General service level as well as Medical One Pass and Medical Two Pass options for some languages.
Machine Translation has no available service level options.

Transltion service level selection

Actual cost may change slightly based on vendor measurement methods.
Once the Vendor has been selected and a service level, if applicable, click Next.

Step 5- Select Translation Profile

Select the desired Translation Profile for this translation order.

Once selected, click Next.

Step 6- Order Translations

Before submitting the translation order check that box ensuring the translation profile has been checked and the source file was proofread as all translation requests are final.

NOTE All Translations Orders are FINAL and CANNOT be canceled!

Once the order has been reviewed click Order Translations.

If you need the same files translated into other languages, simply repeat this process for each desired language.


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