Translation: Machine Translation Overview

Completed files can be submitted for Machine Translation, a fast and affordable way to translate files directly within the 3Play Media account system. Suggested uses include internal, informal, unscripted, and user-generated content. 

Please note that this process translates the existing text of the file and is not translating the speech from the media file's audio.

Turnaround Times

Please note that a turnaround time cannot be selected when ordering and the turnaround time for an order is based on the duration of the file.


Pricing for Machine Translation is on a per word basis. The service costs $0.005/word ($0.50 per 100 words) for any language option.

Cancellation Policy

Machine Translations requests cannot be canceled- all orders are final.


Below is a list of the available language options for Machine Translation...

Source                                      Target

English         Arabic
Arabic         English
English         Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Simplified)         English
English         Chinese (Traditional)
Chinese (Traditional)         English
Czech         English”
English         Czech
English         Danish
Danish         English
English         Dutch
Dutch         English
English         Finnish
Finnish         English
English         French (France)
French (France)         English
English         German
German         English
English         Hindi
Hindi         English
English         Hungarian
Hungarian         English
English         Italian
Italian         English
English         Japanese
Japanese         English
English         Korean
Korean         English
English         Norwegian
Norwegian         English
English         Polish
Polish         English
English         Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Brazil)         English
English         Russian
Russian         English
English         Swedish
Swedish         English,
English         Turkish
Turkish         English
English         Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Latin America)         English
Spanish (Latin America)         French (France)
French (France)         Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Latin America)         Catalan
Catalan         Spanish (Latin America)
German         French (France)
French (France)         German
German         Italian
Italian         German


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