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Once Favorite Formats are set up in a 3Play Media project with Content Publishing enabled users have the ability to grab links to files in specific formats for the purposes of remote publishing and content sharing.

Before getting Content Publishing must be enabled and a Favorite Format should be set.

See more information on Content Publishing
See more information on setting Favorite Formats

Follow the steps below to copy a publishing link to a 3Play Media file in a specific format.

Step 1- Select the File

Locate the file from the My Files page that you need to download.
Click the file's name to open the file level actions menu.

Click on a file

Step 2- Click Publishing Links and Select an Output Format

Click the Publishing Links icon located above the transcript preview window.

Publishing closed captions transcript links

NOTE: If Content Publishing is not enabled, the Publishing Links icon will not be displayed in your 3Play Media project.

Step 3- Select the Favorite Format

Once the Publishing Links icon is clicked, all closed captions and transcript formats that are set within your project as a Favorite Format will then display. Click the format you wish to retrieve a publishing link for.

Select closed captions or transcript format

Step 4- Copy the URL

If you need a URL that points to this file in the format selected in Step 3, the URL listed within the Publish Link window can be copied here and then used for remote publishing purposes. To view the file, click the URL and the file will open in the selected format within a new browser window.

Closed captions and transcripts publishing link

Step 5- Download File from Link (optional)

Once you have opened the publishing link in a browser window, the file can be downloaded by adding ?dl=1 to the the URL. Once ?dl=1 is added to the URL, click Enter/Return on your keyboard and the file will download to your computer.

For example if the URL in your web browser is:

add &dl=1 to the URL in the web browser so it looks like this:

Once Enter/Return is clicked it will immediately save the file to your computer.



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