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While a file cannot be deleted from a 3Play Media project they can however be archived. Archiving a file acts as a soft delete as the file can be made available again by restoring it later (see step 3).

When all files within a folder are archived, the folder is removed from the project by default. When one file associated with the previously removed folder is restored the original folder is restored as well.

IMPORTANT: Please note that any archived files associated with an interactive plugin or API driven captions will become inactive when the file is archived.

Step 1- Select files

From the My Files page check the boxes to the left of the filenames of the files you want to archive.

Select files

Step 2- Click Archive

Click the Archive icon located above the list of files.Click Archive icon

Once clicked, you will see a message that these files have been successfully archived. 
Archived files can be found within Archived folder on the left-hand side of the page.

Archived files

Step 3- Restore your file (optional)

Archived files can be restored and sent back to their original folders.
To do this, locate and select the files in the Archived section of your project. After selecting the files, click Restore located above the list of archived files.

Restore archived files

The file will be sent to My Files and any original folders that have been deleted will be restored.

Note: You can search for archived files by clicking the check box below the search field. Here is where you can learn more about how to search for files in the account system.

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