Upgrade Your Turnaround Service Level

Turnaround levels can often be expedited after the initial service level has been requested. If you see the "upgrade" button on your individual file then that file is a candidate for quicker turnaround than initially ordered. Note that you can only increase the speed of service level.

If you do not see the upgrade button but still wish to expedite the processing for a file or a number of files you will need to email support@3playmedia.com with this request.

Step 1 - Locate the Pending File

From your files list, locate a file that has the yellow clock icon, and click on it.  There is a short window to upgrade the service level.

Step 2 - Click The Upgrade Button

After you click the upgrade button you will be directed to the Upgrade Turnaround Level Screen. Select the new turnaround service level you would like to upgrade to and click "Yes - Upgrade".


Your file will now be set to the new turnaround service level you just selected!

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