Search Your Files

Step 1- Log into your 3Play Media account

3Play Media transcription captioning translation services login

Step 2- Search for the file

Enter the name of the file or the associated 3Play Media file ID # or the Video ID in the search box located the box on top, right-hand corner of the page and press the return key on your keyboard.  

Files can be located by searching by file name or the associated 3Play Media file ID # or the Video ID.

Search files and transcripts

Search results are listed where your files are normally listed. The number of results returned appears below the search bar as shown in the image below. 
Click Reset to clear the search results.

Search results

Note: You can return results for archived files by clicking the check box below the search field. This can be helpful when determining the potential reason a file was rejected. Occasionally, it's due to the fact that the file was already processed in the system but archived. To view or download archived files, they first need to be restored to My Files. This article shows how to archive files and how to restore archived files as well.​​

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