Locate and Edit File Metadata (Video ID, Attributes)

The metadata of a file, such as the DescriptionVideo ID, and Attribute fields can be edited at any time.
If you would like add information such as custom Speaker IDs, descriptions or glossaries, this can be done by attaching order instructions to the file when it is in the pending state.

See more information on adding order instructions to a pending file

Step 1- Select the File

From the My Files page click the file which you need to rename.

Click the file to edit the metadata

Step 2- Click Details.

Click the Details tab located on the right-hand side of the file show page.

Click Edit Details icon

Step 3- Click Edit

Click the Edit icon to edit either General Information about the file such as the Name or File Information to edit the file's Video ID, for example. 

Click Metadata tab

Step 4- Save Changes

Once you have made your edits, click Save Changes.

Save metadata

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