Spanish Audio Description: How to Order

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Spanish Audio Description can ONLY be ordered if the source video file is in Spanish.  Spanish Audio Description is NOT possible with an English video that has translated captions. 

Please contact your account manager or 3Play Technical Support to have is module enabled for your account.

Follow the steps below to add Spanish Audio Description to your order when uploading media files directly to your 3Play Media project for Spanish Transcription or the Alignment Service.

Please note though that ordering Spanish Audio Description is possible if a 3Play Media file is going to be created by using the Captions Import Service however the file will first need to be imported and only once a Spanish source video is added to the file will the ability to order AD be possible.

Spanish Audio Description can also be ordered for a completed 3Play Media file, click here to learn how to order Spanish Audio Description for a media file that has already been transcribed/captioned, aligned, or imported.

Before getting started

Prior to ordering audio description first check your Audio Description Settings and Audio Description Cheat Sheet

Step 1- Click Order Services

Click the Upload Media tab and choose either From Computer, From Links, or Linked Account to begin the upload process. Please note that the Linked Account option will only work for this use case if the integration supports uploading from directly within 3Play Media.

Step 2– Select Service

Under Choose Main Service select Transcription & Captioning.


Step 3- Select Spanish (Latin America) as the Language

After selecting the service, select the language spoken within the media files that will be submitted for this order. Please select Spanish (Latin America) as the transcription language for the video file. Note that you will not be able to choose Spanish AD if any other language is chosen.

Selecting a language solely pertains to the transcription and captioning service.
IMPORTANT: This is not how a language is selected for ordering translation services. 

Step 4- Select Turnaround Service Level

Next, select the desired turnaround service level.

Click for more information regarding turnaround service levels

Step 5- Glossary of Terms/Cheat Sheet (optional)

After selecting a turnaround service level, check the box to include a glossary of terms/cheat for this order.

Note that cheat sheets are optional so click Next should a cheat sheet not be necessary.


Provide correct spellings of product names, people, technical vocabulary, acronyms, and other terminology occurring in the content that is unique, propriety, or not widely known to better help with the transcription process.

Please note that the purpose of cheat sheets is not to provide instructions to inform the transcription process but only for providing spellings that are not easily researchable or cannot be inferred by the content itself. 

Cheat sheets can be attached as a 3mb PDF or in a 500-character limit note.

Click for more information regarding default project-level and folder-level cheat sheets

Once a cheat sheet has been provided, click Next.


Step 6- Select Audio Description and Choose Audio Description Speaker Type

Check the box Add Audio Description under Add-On Services.

Once the box Add Audio Description is selected, choose Audio Description Speaker Type, Synthesized Speech, or Voice Artist. Note: Voice Artist Audio Description must be enabled on your account to order. Reach out to your 3Play rep if you’re interested.


Step 7 - Select Audio Description Service Level

Next, select one of three service level options: Standard Audio Description, Extended Audio Description, or Use 3Play’s Recommendation.

Drop down menu to select either Standard or Extended Audio Description

Learn more about the difference between Standard and Extended Audio Description here.

If you are unsure as to whether your video will require Standard or Extended Audio Description, you can opt to Use 3Play’s Recommendation. Learn more about using 3Play’s Recommendation here.

Check the box Add Caption Placement under Add-On Services to also include this in the order. See more information regarding vertical caption placement.

Step 8 - Select Audio Description Turnaround Time

The turnaround service level options are for the audio description. The delivery date for the audio description is distinct from the delivery of the primary service ordered.


Step 9- Select Folder

Create a new folder for where the media files for this order will reside or select an existing folder to store these orders.

Please note that files can be moved between folders within a 3Play Media project even before services are complete.

Click for information regarding how to move files to different folders

Step 10- Review and Submit Order

Please review the services and turnaround times requested on the Finalize Order section of the form. Read the cancellation policy that displays on the right-hand side of the Finalize Order page.

After reviewing the order and cancelation policy click Submit to complete the ordering process.


Once the requests are complete the audio description can be downloaded in a variety of output formats. See more information on downloading audio description files.

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