Audio Description: Cheat Sheets

Add a Project-level Cheat Sheet for Audio Description service requests in order to inform the pronunciation of the synthesized speech output for words that are not easily researchable and for how acronyms should be pronounced.

Please include the word as it is spelled and the equivalent for how the word should be pronounced like the following examples:

Word as spelled Word as pronounced
Über oo-ber
WYSIWYG wizzyWig

Please note that your phonetic spellings do not need to be exact but should generally inform how you would like the word pronounced.

In addition to phonetic pronunciation preferences please include any preferences for how the people and other proper nouns that appear in your content should be identified in the audio description track.

Note that all Audio Description requests made within this project will automatically incorporate the information from this cheat sheet.

Step 1- Navigate to Settings

Once logged into 3Play Media, click on Settings located in the upper, right-hand corner of the page.

3Play Media Settings button

Step 2- Click Audio Description Settings

On the left-hand side of the Settings page, click Audio Description Settings located under Basic Settings.

Audio Description Settings

Step 3- Add Audio Description Project-Level Cheat Sheet

Type your Audio Description Cheat Sheet information into the available field or attach the cheat sheet as a PDF.

Step 4- Click Save

Once you have inputted your text or attached a PDF click Save

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