Audio Description - How To Download

Step 1 – Log in

Log into your 3Play Media account at



Step 2 – Select audio description file

From the My Files page, select Audio Descriptions Complete to see your audio description files. Click the file name of the file you would like to download.

click audio description

Step 3 – Preview your audio description

If you would like to preview your audio description before downloading, click on the AD Preview button in the Transcript section.


The Audio Description Preview window will open. Here, you can play the video with the audio description.



Step 4 – Download your audio description

If you chose to preview the file, select Back to My File to return to the previous screen. Select the file format you would like to download from the Audio Descriptions section on the lower right side. You can download your file as an MP4, MP3, or WAV. These versions contain the audio description track merged with the original audio track.

To download a text version of the merged audio description and transcript, select Merged Text or Merged DOC.

If you would like to download the audio description text using the WebVTT format, Select WebVTT under Audio Descriptions.

download options

Or you can select Download from the File show page.  

click download screen

Scroll down to Audio Description Formats and click on the title to expand the box to see the downloadable formats and select your desired format.

download screen

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