Audio Description: Preview an Audio Description File

Follow the steps below to preview the Audio Description while playing the media file directly from your 3Play Media project.

Step 1- Select the file

Locate the file from the My Files page that you would like to preview.
Click the file's name to load the file-level show page.

Select file to preview Audio Description


Step 2- Click Preview

From the file-show page, click the AD Preview button located to the right of the CC Preview Captions button.


Step 3- Preview and Search 

To preview the video along with with Audio Description from the beginning, click the play button within the video player to start from the beginning or click a play button next to one of the Audio Description sections to starting play the video from a specific point

Click play to watch video with audio description

Enter a word in the Search Descriptions box located in the upper, right-hand corner of the AD Preview page to locate a specific word within the Audio Description file. The Audio Description will filter as the word is being typed.

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