Audio Description: Settings

It is best practice to check your 3Play Media project's Audio Description Settings prior to ordering Synthesized Audio Description. Follow the steps below to check and, if necessary, update the Audio Description Settings.

Important Note:  These settings are applied to a synthesized audio description request when the order is submitted. Changes to Audio Description Settings are not applied to any Synthesized Audio Description requests that are in progress  or are completed. 

Follow the steps below to adjust Audio Description Settings...

Step 1- Navigate to Settings

Once logged into 3Play Media, click on Settings located in the upper, right-hand corner of the page.

3Play Media Settings button

Step 2- Click Audio Description Settings

On the left-hand side of the Settings page, click Audio Description Settings located under Basic Settings.

Audio Description Settings

Step 3- Choose Speaker

Select one of the eighteen options for the synthesized speech output that will be used in the audio description track. Each voice package indicates the 3rd party speech provider (Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, and Google)

Step 4- Choose Speaking Rate

Select either the Slow (200 WPM), Medium (250 WPM), or Fast (300 WPM) Speaking Rate.

You can use the sample function on the bottom of the window to preview your selections.

Step 5- Preview Sample

Once an Audio Description Setting has changed click the play button to left of one of the sample sentences to hear this sentence read back using the speaker and speaking rate selected.

Step 6- Save Changes

Click Save if new settings have been selected.

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