Source Media: Add and/or Delete

Add or delete the source media associated with a 3Play Media file.

Use cases

Caption import service: Add the source media to a 3Play Media file created using the caption import service. Once added the captions can then be previewed along with the media file.

Caption encoding service: If a low resolution version of your media file was uploaded and you would like to use a higher quality rendition for a caption encoded video order, the current source media file could be deleted and the higher resolution version added.

Follow the steps below should you want to add or delete the source media file associated with a 3Play Media file.

Please note: The Source Media must have an audio track associated with it.

Step 1- Select file

Click on the file from the My Files page that you would like to add and/or delete the associated source media file.

Click the file to edit the metadata

Step 2- Navigate to Source Media

On the right-hand side of the file show page, click Source Media located with the Details section.

Select Source Media

Step 3- Add or Delete Source Media

Add Source Media

Click Add Source Media if there is no media file currently associated with your 3Play Media file.

Add source media file to closed captions

Click Choose Files and select the media file you want to add to this 3Play Media file.
Next click Start Uploads.

Note: The source media file should not be bigger than 2GB


Select the source media file from your computer and select Upload. Once Upload is clicked click Upload Source to complete this process.


Once clicked you will be redirected back to the file show page. Once the source media moves from pending to ready, you can then preview the closed captions along with the media file.

Delete Source Media

Click Delete within the Source Media section to remove the media file from the 3Play Media file. Please note that this action does not delete the transcript!

Delete source media file

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