Upgrade to Full Transcription (from ASR Only, etc.)

This articles shows how to upgrade an ASR Only file or Transcript Alignment file, for the full transcription and captioning process.


Step 1- Click Order

From the My Files page, click into the ASR Only file and then click Order Services.

Step 2- Select Upgrade to Full Transcription

Click Upgrade to Full Transcription from the drop-down menu that appears

Step 3- Select Turnaround Time

Select the desired turnaround service level for the file that is being upgraded to Full Transcription. Please note that price per minute rate for Full Transcription will be prorated as \the rate for the ASR Only request will be factored in to the upgrade pricing.

See more information regarding turnaround service levels

Step 4- Click Order

Once a turnaround service level has been selected, click Order to complete the upgrade process.

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