VLC Video Player Overview - Adding Captions/Subtitles

VLC Media Player is an open-source application that gives you the ability to play media from your computer or a disk, or to stream it from the Web, and is available on both Mac and PC.  VLC is a useful tool for viewing your 3Play Media captions outside of the account system.

VLC Logo

Step 1 - Download SRT File

Log into your 3Play account, click on the file from the My Files page, click the Download button, select the Web Caption tab, and click on the SRT file associated with the desired video file.

Download SRT File

Step 2 - Open Video File

Open VLC and click File --> Open and open the video file the desired video file.

Step 3 - Add Subtitle/Caption File

From the top menu, click Subtitles --> Add Subtitle File.  Find the SRT file associated with the video file.

VLC Subtitle Menu

VLC Choose Caption File

The video file should now be displaying captions.  VLC offers a variety of customizable options for the captions.  By clicking Subtitles from the top menu, there are many options for customizing captions, outlined by the images below.

Make sure the Subtitle Track has been selected.

VLC Subtitle Track Selection

 Step 4 - Stylizing the Captions (Optional)

VLC has many ways to stylize your captions.  Click the Subtitle menu at the top, and choose from a list of options.

VLC Text Size

Text Size


VLC Text Color

Text Color


VLC Background Color

Background Color; the color of the box behind the letters.


VLC Text Outline Options

Outline Thickness


VLC Background Thickness - None

Outline Thickness - None


VLC Background Thickness - Thin

Outline Thickness - Thin


VLC Background Thickness - Normal

Outline Thickness - Normal


VLC Background Thickness - Thick

Outline Thickness - Thick



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