Live Captioning: Manage and Upgrade Files


After your live event with 3Play has ended, you will have the option to upgrade your post-event transcript to full transcription. This will take the transcript generated from the captions during your live event, and turn your file into a professionally reviewed and edited transcript. The end result will provide you with more accurate caption and transcript files.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If your live event used an RTMP stream and you have activated the Keep Stream setting for your account; the event's live stream will be saved as the source media for the file after the event and can be used when upgrading to the Full Transcription service.


PRO TIP: If you intend on ordering additional services from your live transcript after your event, please consider Upgrading to Full Transcription. 


Step 1- Navigate to Live Captioning Files

Select the small check box next to Live Captioning &/or Live Auto Captioning located at the top of the filters on your My Files page.  Then, search for the file that you'd like to upgrade.



Step 2- Select a File to Upgrade to Full Transcription

Once you have found the file you wish to upgrade, click on the file name. A preview of the file's details and information will appear on the right side of the screen. 



Click "Order More" from the "Order Services" section of the page. Then, select "Upgrade to Full Transcription". 

Step 3- Complete Full Transcription Order

Once you’ve selected Upgrade to Full Transcription from the Order More menu, follow the prompts on the page to complete your order, selecting additional services as needed. Make sure to select "Transription&Captioning" to order full transcription and captioning services. 




Additional Services May Include:

Upgrade to Full Transcription
Vertical Caption Placement
Caption Encoding
Video Clip Captioning
Audio Description

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