Live Captioning: Add a Wordlist

To improve caption accuracy for a scheduled Live Captioning event, add a Wordlist of the proper nouns, terms, and phrases unique to your organization that may be commonly used during the event. 

The words provided in the Wordlist will help inform the automated process and ultimately improve the accuracy of captions during the live event, and will also be provided to your professional captioner if you have chosen Professional Captions for your event.

So, for example, if the process is unsure of what was spoken but the word is on the Wordlist, it will favor that word over other possibilities.

Note: 3Play's Live Auto Captioning service is completely automated, so here are some important tips to ensure your words are correctly added to our system:

  • Words with 3 or fewer letters will be removed from the list.
  • Three letter acronyms (TLAs) need to be entered with periods to be recognized; ie, TLA as T.L.A.
  • Do not add words with special characters except for apostrophes and periods.
  • Add full names and phrases whenever possible. If you add a full name, you do not need to add the first and last name separately.
  • Wordlists should be under 75 items in length.

Follow the steps below to add a Wordlist to a Live Captioned Event. 

Step 1.

Log into your 3Play media account ( ). This will take you to your "My Files" page.

Step 2.

Click "Live Captioning" in the header, as shown below. This will bring you to your live events page, allowing you to edit existing events, add word lists and speaker labels, view event information, or allow you to schedule new events if you have more that you need to schedule.

Step 3.

 Under "Upcoming Events", find the event that you need to add your word list to. Click the name of your event. You will be redirected to a details page specific to your event.

Step 4.

On the right side of this page, you'll find a lot of information about your event. Scroll down until you see "Event Information". Then, click "Edit Wordlist".

Step 5.

Paste your plain text word list into the pop-up text field. If you have speaker labels, you can use the "Add Event Instructions and Speaker Labels" option instead of the "Edit Wordlist" option.


Step 6.

Once you are finished entering information, click "Edit Wordlist" or "Save Changes" in the bottom right-hand corner of the pop-up. 

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