Live Auto Captioning Overview

3Play Media offers Live Auto Captioning for live events.  This service uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) to caption live streaming events in real time.  Contact your 3Play Media Account Manager to discuss usage and activate the module.  Once activated, users can schedule live events and generate an embed code for the Live Auto Captioning plugin.  The plugin is embedded on he web page along with the live streaming event, and captions will display as the event is streamed in real time with a 5-6 second delay.  Please note that the quality of the captions will vary depending on the quality of the audio, the audio stream, and the duration of the delay that is set when the event is scheduled.

Below are the requirements needed to use 3Play Media's Live Auto Captioning, once the module is activated by your 3Play Media account manager.

  • A live streaming encoding software, for example OBS.
  • Hosting platform that provides either RTSP and RTMP streams.  For example JW Player (Enterprise version) or Brightcove.
  • Schedule the live event, using the 3Play Media module, to retrieve the Live Captioning plugin embed code.
  • Setup web page with the live streaming event and the Live Captioning plugin embed code.

There are several options for live streaming encoding software, but for now we recommend using OBS, because it is intuitive and free. You can download this HERE.

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