Ending 3Play Media Live Captioning Events

This article will explain how a 3Play Media Live Captioning event is terminated. Please consult the various platform documentation for YouTube, Brightcove, and Zoom to examine how this termination will affect the final live stream. 

The Live Stream has finished

Once the stream that our captioning event has been listening to concludes, the 3Play Live Captioning event will cease and begin processing the final output. The time of the event and the costs incurred will be calculated from the start time until the last detected live stream input. 

The Live Stream was never detected

If an error in the process of setting up the event made it such that a live stream never successfully reached our Live Captioning event, the Live Captioning event will remain processing and 'listening' until the Wait Time has been reached. This Wait Time can be configured here following the directions in this article, and the costs incurred will be calculated from the Start Time to the Wait Time

The Max Time was reached

3Play Live Captioning events can be configured to have a Max Time. More information on changing the Max Time can be found in this support document. The 3Play Live Captioning event will end at the Max Time for that event even if the event is still detecting an active live stream

The Live Stream was terminated by a user

There are two ways to terminate the 3Play captioning event. 

1) Via the account system:

When a 3Play Live Captioning event is in progress (either processing a live stream or attempting to detect a live stream), users will have the ability to terminate the event in the 3Play Media account system. 

Navigate to Live Captioning > Scheduled and In Progress Events, and find the 3Play Live Captioning event that corresponds to the active live stream. 

Click the End Event button that appears. This will terminate the event

Clicking end event in the 3Play Media Live Auto Captioning Scheduler in the 3Play Media account system

2Via 3Play Media's APIv3

API endpoints exist to terminate 3Play Media captioning events via API. Please consult the APIv3 technical documentation to learn more. 

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