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About translation quality levels

Gengo’s supported quality levels are built to handle different types of content.


Best for everyday content and dynamic online content, Standard Level ensures a fast translation with attention to meaning and tone. Your order is handled by a highly proficient native speaker.


As fast as Standard Level, Pro Level ensures a higher degree of accuracy and is recommended for most business content. Your order is handled by an experienced professional translator.


Turnaround time and monitoring job status

Your translation order will be assigned to one of Gengo’s 10,000+ skilled, pre-tested translators. Over 90% of translation jobs submitted to Gengo are completed in under 24 hours, and most orders are returned in 60-90 minutes, on average.

Turnaround times will vary depending upon complexity, and completion times displayed are estimates. Your turnaround time will be updated as it moves through the translation process and you may see periodic changes to your delivery date.

 Review Translations

Customers using Gengo for their translation requests can opt to review translations and submit revision requests directly from their 3Play Media account.

3Play Media HIGHLY recommends enabling the Review Translations feature.
Once enabled you will have 168 hours from the time the translation is complete to request that Gengo make edits.
Once this review period has ended, or, if you have not enabled this feature, all edits must be made by your account users within the 3Play Media translation editing interface.

See more information regarding the Translation Review feature

To check the status of your translation, follow the steps below...

Step 1- Click on Translations in Progress

From the My Files page click Translations in Progress located on the left-hand side of the page under Activity.

Step 2- Locate your translation's delivery date

All translations that are being worked on will be listed here.  The estimated date of completion is listed under Delivery.

Read more about Gengo’s translation speed and quality on their website.

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