Subtitles & Translation: Edit

Once your Subtitles & Translation files are complete, follow the steps below if you need to edit them.

Need a 3rd party to edit the translation?

If you'd like someone to edit a translation file but you do not want to grant them access to your account, create an Expiring Editing Link (EEL) for your translation.

Scroll to the bottom to the article to learn more about Translation and EEL.

Step 1- Open the file show page

Locate the file from the My Files page that needs any edits. Click the file's name to open the file show page.

Select translated file

Step 2- Select the language

Click English located below the Publish Plugins button.

Select language

From the drop-down menu select the language you would like to edit.

Select Language

Language toggler

Step 3- Click the Edit Transcript icon

After the language is selected wait for the transcript to change from English to the language selected.
Once the translation appears, click the Edit icon located below the language display field. 

Click Edit icon

Step 4- Edit Translation

Once on the Edit Translation page, you will see the English version of your transcript on the left-hand side of the page and your translation on the right-hand side.

Click on either the translated text or the English to align the columns.
If your text flows too long on one line, click this button textflow.jpg  to spread it over two lines.

Make any necessary edits to your translations.

NOTEMake sure that the text you enter are UTF-8 characters!  Do not copy text from Microsoft Word as these characters will not work.  

Step 5- Save Changes

Once you have made edits to the translated version of your transcript, click Save Changes.

Save changes


Translation Expiring Editing Links

Use the Expiring Editing Link feature to generate a link that allows people to edit 3Play Media translations for a defined period of time without needing to grant them access to your 3Play Media project.


Step 1- Click Expiring Editing Link

The Expiring Editing Link button will display within the translation editing interface. Click the Expiring Editing Link button.

Step 2 - Select Expiration Date

Select a time from the dropdown menu

Select Expiration Time

Select a duration (4 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, and 1 month) for how long the Expiring Editing Link will be valid.
Once a duration is selected from the dropdown menu, click Create Expiring Editing Link.

Create Expiring Editing Link

Step 3 - Copy and Share Link

Copy the link, and share with desired parties to allow them to edit the translation.

Copy and Share 3Play Media Expiring Editing Link to edit Closed Captions and Translations




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