Audio Description - How to Order

Before placing your order, make sure to do the following:

Log in

Log into your 3Play Media account at


Edit audio description settings

Before placing your order, you can customize your audio description preferences by clicking on Settings on the top right of the screen. Then select Audio Description from the menu on the left side of the screen. You will see options for speaker and speaker rate. You can use the sample function on the bottom of the window to preview your selections.

Important: If you change any of these settings, they will be reflected on the next Audio Description files that are ordered.


Ordering Audio Description for new files

Step 1– Upload your file

There are several ways to upload your video or audio files. From the Upload Media tab, choose to upload from your computer, send links, via FTP, or through a compatible video platform or lecture capture system. You can also upload using our API. Your files will begin processing as soon as they are uploaded.


Step 2– Select the type of captioning and audio description service

The standard service produces captions and transcripts. You must choose a transcription and captioning service, and then select audio description as an add-on feature from the bottom of the Upload window.

Once you have checked the box to Add Audio Description, you can select one of three options: Standard Audio Description, Extended Audio Description, or Use 3Play’s Recommendation. Learn more about the difference between Standard and Extended Audio Description here.

If you are unsure as to whether your video will require Standard or Extended Audio Description, you can opt to Use 3Play’s Recommendation. Learn more about using 3Play’s Recommendation here.


Step 3 - Select your turnaround

The turnaround options listed below are for the caption and transcription files. All audio description files will be available 5 business days after the caption file is complete.

Standard turnaround time for captioning and transcription is 4 business days. You can also select 2-business-day, 1-business-day, or same-day turnaround for an additional fee. If your project is not urgent, we provide a discounted extended service, which is 10 business days.

Note that Audio Description services will take 5 days after the selected turnaround deadline for captioning and transcription.


Step 4 – Place order

In the next screen, Location, choose where you would like your files to be stored. Then, confirm order details and place your order.


Step 5– Wait for processing to complete

You can monitor the status of your files and keep everything organized. Once your files have been processed you can download any format of audio description anytime.


Ordering Audio Description for an existing file

Step 1– Select your files

Select the files for which you would like to order audio description. Then, simply click to expand the Order dropdown (where you would order Caption Encoding and Translation) and select Audio Description.


Step 2– Review your order details

You will then be presented with a new window to review your order. Since your file is already uploaded to our system, we are able to suggest either Standard or Extended Audio Description. This is determined by the Suggested Service Level. You can learn more about how we determine your Suggested Service Level here.

You may select Extended Audio Description if you would like by clicking to expand the Select Your Service Level dropdown. Note that the Total Cost will change upon selecting Extended Audio Description.

Please be aware that if we suggest Extended Audio Description for your file and you switch your Service Level to Standard Audio Description, you may run the risk of insufficient description given the available pauses in your video. Please review your video before changing the Service Level from Extended to Standard.


Step 3- Place your order

After you have reviewed your order, check the box at the bottom and click the Order button.



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