Manually Add Audio Descriptions to Kaltura Videos (without using the integration)

Audio description can be downloaded in an MP4 format and then added to Kaltura. 
Please note either standard & extended audio descriptions can be manually uploaded to a Kaltura video. 

Follow the steps below to add an audio description to a Kaltura asset.

Step 1- Select the File

Once logged into 3Play Media, click on the file's name to open the file show page.

Select transcript

Step 2- Click Show Details

Click the Show Details button.

Select Show Details - Audio Description


Step 3- Download the MP4

From the audio description details that appear, click on the download icon.
Once selected, select the MP4 format listed under Mixed AD + Source Media Assets.

Audio Description Download for Kaltura 

Download AD MP4 for Kaltura 


Step 4- Log in to Kaltura

Add captions to Kaltura

Step 5- Select Video Requiring Audio Description

At the top of the page, click on the Content tab and select the video to which you want to add audio description. Click on the video's name (highlighted in blue) and a pop-menu called Edit Entry will appear. 

Select Entries

 Step 6- Upload the MP4 file

In the Edit Entry menu, click on the Flavors tab on the left-hand side.

Next scroll down to Audio Description - Eng under the Transcoding Flavor column and click Select Action. Then under the Select Actions dropdown, click Upload.

Select the MP4 file that you saved to your computer in Step 3.

Step 7- Click Save

 Once the file has been selected for uploading, click Save.

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