Caption-Enabled Kaltura Video Player Configuration

In order to publish a video with closed captions, you need to set up a Kaltura player with captioning functionality. 


Step 1- Log into your Kaltura account

Kaltura login


Step 2- Create a new player

At the top of the page, select the Studio tab and create a new player by clicking New Player- Single Video.

create Kaltura Caption-enabled video player

Step 3- Navigate to Subtitles and Transcriptions

Select the Look and Feel tab on the left, as represented by the "eyeball" icon and then click Closed Captions.

Kaltura caption-enabled video player subtitles transcriptions


Step 4- Choose captions appearance

There are many different captions options you can choose from here.  Each of which can be previewed by hitting the Preview Changes button.

Kaltura caption-enabled video player caption settings


Step 5- Click Save Player Changes


Next step-

Upload your Kaltura videos to 3Play Media from your KMC


Upload your Kaltura videos to 3Play Media from your 3Play account

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