Kaltura: View Caption Coverage

Note: This article explains how to view your caption coverage for a linked Kaltura account in 3Play Media. More information about how to link Kaltura accounts to 3Play Media can be found here.


What data can I see?

For any linked and authenticated Kaltura Integration, 3Play can now display the total amount of uploads in that integration, and the total amount of videos that have more than just Kaltura auto-captions. 3Play also displays a breakdown of the last three months of uploads (not just the last three calendar months, but the last three months from the most recent upload). This information can help teams make sure that videos aren't missed or forgotten in the caption process. 


Step 1 - Navigate to Linked Accounts

In the navigation menu in the 3Play Media MyFiles  page, click Linked Accounts. 



Step 2 - Navigate to a Kaltura integration

Find the integration that you wish to view and click View Details.


View caption coverage and upload history:


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