Kaltura MediaSpace: Add Captions and Subtitles

If you are a Kaltura admin with access to the KMC, you can easily add captions or multilingual subtitles to your MediaSpace videos using 3Play Media’s round trip integration. If you’re not an admin, but contributing video content, you can still add captions to your MediaSpace videos following the steps below.

See more information regarding 3Play Media's round trip integration with Kaltura.


Step 1- Download the SRT Captions or Subtitles File

After you’ve uploaded your video to 3Play Media and the processing has been completed, download the SRT captions file and save it to your computer.

Note: The DFXP captions file format is also compatible with MediaSpace

If you’ve translated your video into other languages, then you should also download the translated SRT subtitles.

See more information regarding translation services.


Step 2- Select the MediaSpace Video to be Captioned or Subtitled

Log into your MediaSpace account and select My Media from the top menu.
Select the video that corresponds to the captions or subtitles that you downloaded in Step 1 and click Edit

Kaltura MediaSpace Caption Video


Step 3- Upload the Captions or Subtitles File to MediaSpace

Select the Captions tab and click Upload File.
Then select the SRT captions file that you downloaded in Step 1.
Select the language and name the label (e.g. “English”).
Click Save.

Upload captions or subtitles to Kaltura MediaSpace


Your captions or subtitles are now added to the video and available for viewing.
Note that captions are turned off by default.
Viewers need to make the captions or subtitles visible by clicking the CC button on the video player.

 Captions or subtitles for Kaltura MediaSpace


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