Activate Fast Turnaround Module for Audio Description

Requesting faster turnaround times for Synthesized Audio Description (AD) requests is possible however it is not an option available by default. Follow the steps below to enable fast turnaround options for the Synthesized Audio Description service within a 3Play Media project. 

Step 1- Navigate to Audio Description Turnaround Module

Click Settings located in the upper, right-hand corner of the My Files page.

From Settings, locate Add-On Modules on the left-hand side of the page.
Click Audio Description Turnaround


Step 2- Request Access

Click Request Access to notify your account manager that you would like access to this module.

Once access has been granted you will need to navigate back to the module to activate it.

Step 3- Select Desired Turnaround for Future Orders

Once activated, options for Expedited AD and Rush AD options will display in addition to Standard AD when placing an order for Audio Description.

Regarding Integrations and Tagging Videos for Fast Turnaround Audio Description

Ordering Fast Turnaround Synthesized Audio Description using Tags is supported by the following video platform integrations; Brightcove, JW Platform, Kaltura, Limelight, and Vimeo. In addition to faster AD turnaround, the default audio description turnaround time can be ordered as well. 


Expedited is 2 day, and carries an extra cost of $2/min, on top of standard AD turnaround price.
Rush is 1 day and carries an extra cost of $4/min, on top of standard AD turnaround price.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the captioning process has begun, the 3play tags will be replaced with 3play_processedPlease note that the 3play_processed tag DOES NOT MEAN that the captions are complete!

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