Billing and Invoices Quick Start

This overview article contains information regarding billing and invoice management for your 3Play Media account.
Only users with Billing and Invoices permissions enabled can access this part of a 3Play Media project.

3Play Media Billing and Invoices

Invoice Statuses

Invoices are organized into 3 states: Current, Closed/Unpaid, and Paid.

Invoice Statuses

Current Invoice

This state means the invoice is open and accruing charges.
Once a request or service is completed it is listed as a line item in your current invoice. 
Invoices are listed as Current until the last day of each month when they automatically close and move to the Closed/Unpaid state.

Closed Unpaid Invoices

This state means the invoice is no longer accruing charges and is ready to be paid.
All invoices move to the Closed/Unpaid state on the last day of each month.
When an invoice moves to Closed/Unpaid all billing contacts will receive an email with a PDF copy of the invoice.

Paid Invoices

Invoices are marked as paid upon receipt of a cheque or wire payment or after a successful payment by credit card through the 3Play Media account.


Payment Methods

Credit Card

Multiple credit cards can be added and saved to your account.
3Play Media accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.
Unfortunately payments cannot be made with a Discover credit card.

Use a stored credit card to pay an invoice manually or set up an Autopay option with a specific credit card.
When Autopay is set up, a current invoice is automatically paid on the last day of each month when the current invoice closes and then moves to the Paid state automatically.
Partial payments can be made manually using a credit card.

See more information on how to pay by credit card.


Closed/Unpaid invoices can be paid by check,
BEFORE mailing your payment please manually mark your invoice as Closed/Unpaid.
Upon receipt of a check/cheque, this Closed/Unpaid invoice will move to the Paid state.

See more information on how to manually close an invoice and pay by check.

Billing Information

Please keep your billing information up to date as this info is used to populate invoices' address field.
All Billing Contacts are listed on the Billing Information page.
Please note: Access to My Files and Upload Media will be unavailable until the required Billing Information is entered. 
Should you see the warning (shown below), please add your billing information and you will then be able to access My Files and Upload Media.

Update Billing Information

See more information on Billing Information

Download and Print Invoices

Click on the invoice ID number to open an invoice.
Once opened, an invoice can be printed or downloaded as a CSV file for your records.

See more information on how to view, print, and download invoices.

Print Invoice

Add Notes, Edit Invoice Address, and Resend 

Notes can be added to a current or open invoice as well as the invoice address.
Once edited, the updated invoice can then be sent to all users with billing and invoice permissions enabled.

See more information on how to add or edit invoice notes or an invoice's address.


Add a Billing Contact

Add a billing contact to manage payments for your account.
Users with Billing Permissions can be added to manage either an entire account's payment or a specific project within your account.
All Billing Contacts are listed on the Billing Information page.
See more information on how to add a billing contact. 

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