Invite Users and Grant Permissions

When your 3Play Media user profile has the Manage Users permissions enabled you can invite Project Users to have access to a specific project within your 3Play account, or invite Super Users giving the invitee access to all projects within your account. Super Users will automatically have access to newly created projects when new projects are added to your account.

Step 1- Click Settings

Click Settings

Step 2- Click Manage Users

User Management Settings


Step 3- Invite either a Project User or Super User

Add a Project User

PLEASE NOTE: If you need to add a Project User to a project different from the one you are currently in you should first switch to the desired project that you want to add this user to before inviting them.

See more information on switching to a different 3Play Media project.


Once Manage Users is clicked, you are directed by default to the Project Users menu.

  • If you would like to invite a user to the specific project you currently have open click + New Project User.

Add Project User

Add a Super User

To add a Super User click Super Users followed by +New Super User.

Add Super User

Step 4- Enter the new user's information and permissions

Enter the first and last name and email address for the invitee.
Select which permissions you want to grant the new user.

  • You can give the new user the ability to Manage Users, Manage Invoices and Billing, Upload media files, Edit transcripts, as well as give them Publishing Control.
    You can grant them one or a combination of all of these permissions.

Once you have completed this form, click Create User.

Create User

The new user will then be sent an email with instructions to set up their account. 


See more information on the features and tools you can enable for an invitee.

Note: If you are inviting a user to an individual project, Manage Invoices and Billing will not be an option unless you have had your account configured by 3Play for project-level billing.


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