Alignment: Upload Through the Account System

If you already have transcripts for your video/audio files, transcript alignment is a faster and less expensive way to create captions and/or use the 3Play Media interactive video plugins.

Transcription Alignment service

Before getting started you will need...

- A video/audio file

A pre-existing transcript of the video/audio file in an unformatted plain text  (.TXT) format.  

-Alternatively, either an SRT, SBV, or WEBVTT web caption file can be used for this service, but ONLY via Alignment FTP upload

See information about 3Play Media's suggested best practices to achieve the highest quality results when using this service.

Please note that the duration of each file submitted for alignment should not exceed 2 hours.
DO NOT submit songs, music etc. This process is intended for speech not singing. 

Note on alignment turnaround time: A turnaround time cannot be assigned to a transcript alignment request as this process is 100% automated. Files will usually be completed within a few hours and almost always by the next business day. Factors that impact the turnaround time of an alignment request are the duration of the media file and our capacity at the time of upload.

For users new to the transcript alignment process, it is suggested to set up the Alignment Review tool before submitting transcripts for alignment.

See more information on the transcript alignment review tool



Step 0- Click Order Services

After signing into your 3Play Media account, click Order Services located at the top left of the page.

Step 1- Select Main Service: Alignment

Select Alignment as the primary service, and select the file's primary spoken language from the dropdown. By default, English will be selected.

Select Transcript Alignment service

After confirming the language, click Next.

Step 2- Select Additional Services: Audio Description & Vertical Caption Placement

Select Audio Description and/or Caption Placement to order these services in addition to the primary service (which is Alignment, in this case).

Audio Description

If ordering Audio Description, you can then select the type of Audio Description to order: Standard Audio Description, Extended Audio Description, or Use 3Play’s Recommendation.

Learn more about the difference between Standard and Extended Audio Description here.

If unsure as to whether the video will require Standard or Extended Audio Description, you can opt to Use 3Play’s Recommendation. Learn more about using 3Play’s Recommendation here.

Vertical Caption Placement

If ordering Caption Placement, you can then select the type of Caption Placement to order: Automated Caption Placement or Manual Caption Placement.
See more information regarding vertical caption placement.

Click Continue.

Step 3a- Upload Media File

Upload a media file directly, via a linked account, or by pasting a public media file url.

Step 3b- Paste Transcripts

Paste the plain text transcript for this media file in the box that appears below the file name.

Paste transcript text

PRO TIP: The text in your completed aligned transcript will look exactly like the text in the upload box right before you hit submit.

If you are submitting more than one file for alignment, be sure you are adding the correct transcript to the corresponding text box.  There will be a text box for each media file you chose to upload in the previous step.

Step 3c- Select Folder

Create a folder where you want these files to reside, or select a folder that already exists in your 3Play account.

Select destination folder


Step 4- Review and Place Order

Please review the services and turnaround times requested on the Finalize Order section of the form. Read the cancellation policy that displays on the right-hand side of the Finalize Order page.

After reviewing the order and cancelation policy click Submit to complete the ordering process.




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