Review Alignment Files

Follow the steps below to assess and work on alignment requests sent to the Review Alignment Files state.

Alignment requests will be sent to the Review Alignment Files state based on your project's current alignment settings.
See more information on configuring alignment settings

 Click for more information regarding the Transcript Alignment Service's Best Practices

Step 1- Click the File Requiring Review

Click on the name of the file that requires review.

Step 2- Click Review Alignment

Click Review Alignment on the file show page.


Step 3- Review Low Confidence Areas

The text highlighted in orange indicates areas where potential alignment or encoding issues have been identified.

Navigate through the media file by clicking on the text.
In addition, encoding issues with text display as ??s in addition to be highlighted.

Transcript Alignment Service preview

Step 4- Select action

After reviewing your file select from the following actions:

Edit Transcript and Re-submit for Alignment 

Should you hear a word in the audio that does not match the current text in the transcript and/or want to fix encoding issues, click Edit Transcript and re-submit for Alignment. (This does not incur any additional cost)


Upgrade to Full Transcription Service

Choose Upgrade to full transcription service to submit the media file for 3Play's transcription and captioning service. The cost of the transcription will be applied to the file, minus the cost of the alignment already incurred.

 Change Language

Click Change Language if the incorrect language was initially selected.
Select the language that matches the speech and text and click Update.
Next click Edit Transcript and Re-submit for Alignment > Re-Submit for Alignment

Cancel File

Cancels the transcript alignment service request.


Finalize Alignment

Completes the alignment process with current text on display.


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