Exporting a UTF-8 .txt file from Word

Step 1- Open the file in Microsoft Word

Note: please proofread your transcript before proceeding as the text submitted for the transcript alignment service is the exact text that will be synced to the corresponding media file. 

  • Please be aware that alignment files must follow our best practices for alignment as described in the article linked here. 


Microsoft Word UTF-8 export transcript


Step 2- Navigate to File > Save As

Microsoft Word File Save As



Step 3- Select Plain Text

Next to Format select Plain Text (.txt) and click Save.

Microsoft Word Save As Plain Text transcripts


Step 4- Choose UTF-8 Encoding

After clicking Save a pop-up menu appears.

  • Under Text Encoding, choose Other Encoding.
  • Then from the list of options select Unicode 6.0 UTF-8 and click OK.

Word Doc convert UTF-8 transcript

Make sure you close Microsoft Word at this point.  Next locate the newly save UTF-8 txt file that you just saved.  Open that file in a generic text editor, and use that file when you copy transcripts for our Alignment Service.

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