Exporting a UTF-8 .txt file from Word

Step 1- Open the file in Microsoft Word

After opening the file in Word, please proofread your transcript before proceeding as the text submitted for the transcript alignment service is the exact text that will be synced to the corresponding media file. 

Microsoft Word UTF-8 export transcript


Step 2- Navigate to File > Save As

Microsoft Word File Save As



Step 3- Select Plain Text

Next to Format select Plain Text (.txt) and click Save.

Microsoft Word Save As Plain Text transcripts


Step 4- Choose UTF-8 Encoding

After clicking Save a pop-up menu appears.
Under Text Encoding, choose Other Encoding.
Then from the list of options select Unicode 6.0 UTF-8 and click OK.

Word Doc convert UTF-8 transcript

Make sure you close Microsoft Word at this point.  Next locate the newly save UTF-8 txt file that you just saved.  Open that file in a generic text editor, and use that file when you copy transcripts for our Alignment Service.

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