Cancel a File from Uploading

From the My Files page navigate to Pending Files located underneath Activity. Only Pending files will display the Cancel button.

Cancel an individual pending file

To cancel an individual file click on the Cancel button located on the same line the file is listed. Then click, Yes, cancel file.

Cancel a pending file


Batch cancel

To batch cancel (cancel multiple file at once), check the box next files you want to cancel.
Click the Cancel button located above your list of files.

Confirm this bulk action by clicking Yes, cancel files

Cancel a file for transcription captioning service


How long is a file in the pending state?

This window of time to cancel the processing is relative to file's duration and is roughly a 1:1 ratio.. 
Assume less time for files to remain in the pending state when they have been requested for faster turnaround times.

For example, if the file is an hour long, you will have roughly one hour to cancel the file from being processed.
For shorter files, you will have far less time, so please do this immediately! 






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