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This article details the process of uploading for English transcription and captioning services via FTP. Spanish transcription and services via FTP are also possible.


What if I don't have an FTP application?

If you don’t already have a third party FTP client/application, there are many that can be downloaded for free. Below are two we suggest but feel free to research and download other FTP applications to find one you like best. We recommend either ClassicFTP or Cylberduck as both offer versions for MAC and PC users.

Once an FTP application is installed on your computer you are ready to retrieve your project's unique FTP credentials and start uploading.

PRO TIP! With FTP uploads different turnaround times can be requested for your media files by placing them in specially named folders as detailed in steps 8 & 9 below!


Step 1- Click Settings

Click Settings located at the top, right-hand side.

Settings button top right


Step 2- Click FTP Settings

Select FTP Settings on the left-hand side.

FTP Settings credentials


Step 3- Connection Settings

Navigate to your project's FTP Connections Settings. If your account contains multiple projects, unique credentials are listed within each project's FTP connection settings page.

transcription captioning services ftp upload credentials


Step 4- Transcription Settings

Scroll down the page and click on Transcription Settings

settings for ftp upload media content for captioning transcription services

 Enter your preferred settings for each of the following three categories:

Speaker Identification   -   Keep Editing Flags?   -   Transcription Category 

Note: Note that changes made to these settings will be applied to other users' uploads within this project so be sure to let your team know these settings are being changed and if necessary, change the transcription settings back once the FTP upload is complete as these settings are applied to all other upload methods.

Step 5- Launch FTP Client

Open your FTP client.

  • If you are using the ClassicFTP software, click on the Quick Connect button.
  • If you are using Cyberduck click Open Connection.. 


Step 6- Enter 3Play Project FTP Credentials

In the FTP Server field enter ftp.3playmedia.com
Next enter your FTP Username and Password you obtained in step 3.



Step 7- Set Connection Timeout to 120 seconds

In Connection Settings, change the Connection Timeout to 120 seconds.


Step 8- Folders and Turnaround Times

To order transcription service, media files must be uploaded to a folder named "english_transcription". In addition, turnaround level may be specified with one of the following sub-folders:

  • two_hour_service
  • same_day_service
  • rush_service
  • expedited_service
  • standard_service
  • extended_service

If a turnaround-level sub-folder is not present, the service will be set to Standard turnaround.

 Important Note:  We offer Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) only transcription.  If you want ASR only, upload into a folder titled - for_asr


Step 9- Add Media Files to Specific Folders 

Add your media files to folder representing the desired turnaround time. 
Folders with files on your FTP site will be replicated as folders in your 3Play Media account.

  • Make sure you add the media file to the folder that represents the turnaround time you require.
    Once a file is added to a folder it permanently takes on the folder's set turnaround time.
    • Turnaround times CANNOT be changed by moving a file to a different folder. 
      Should this mistake occur, immediately log into your 3Play Media account and cancel the file before it moves to In Progress.
    • If files are put in a folder without one of these turnaround service levels specified it will default to our Standard four business day turnaround.

See more information on how to CANCEL A FILE from your 3Play Media account.


Regarding turnaround guarantees and cumulative duration of content

The turnaround times offered can only be guaranteed is there are no duration violations relative to the amount of content submitted and the turnaround requested.

You can also upload files for 3Play Media's Transcript Alignment Service using FTP.


NOTE:  Folders created via FTP will remain in your FTP directory unless they have been inactive. 

  • After 5-10 days of a folder being deemed inactive, the folder will be removed from your FTP directory but not your 3Play account.
  • An inactive folder and their contents may not appear in your FTP directory but these files and folders are still stored indefinitely in the 3Play Media account or project associated with your FTP credentials.


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