Spanish Transcription: Upload via FTP

Use an FTP client for uploading large and/or many files to your 3Play Media project for the Spanish transcription service.
This upload method supports large media files but 1GB is the recommended size limit.

While files exceeding 1GB can be added to folders in your FTP client though 3Play Media may encounter problems pulling files larger than the recommended size of 1GB into your 3Play Media account for processing. 

FTP over TLS is available


Step 1- Click Upload

Click Upload located at the top, left-hand side of My Files.

Closed captioning transcription service upload button

Step 2- Click FTP Settings

Click the FTP Settings tab.

FTP Settings credentials

Step 3- Connection Settings

Navigate to your project's FTP Connections Settings and note your username and password.

transcription captioning services ftp upload credentials

If your account contains multiple projects, unique credentials are listed within each project's FTP connection settings page.

Step 4- Transcription Settings

Scroll down the page and click on Transcription Settings

settings for ftp upload media content for captioning transcription services

 Enter your preferred settings for each of the following three categories:

Speaker Identification   -   Keep Editing Flags?   -   Transcription Category 

Note: Changes made to these settings will be applied to other users' uploads within this project so be sure to let your team know these settings are being changed and if necessary, change the transcription settings back once the FTP upload is complete as these settings are applied to all other upload methods.

Note that Spanish will be used for the generic Speaker Identification labels.

See more information on transcription settings


Step 5- Begin the FTP upload process

Open your FTP client.
If you are using the ClassicFTP software, click on the Quick Connect button.
If you are using Cyberduck click Open Connection..


Step 6- Enter your 3Play project ftp credentials

In the FTP Server field enter
Next enter your FTP Username and Password you obtained in step 3.



Step 7- Set Connection Timeout to 120 seconds

In Connection Settings, change the Connection Timeout to 120 seconds.


Step 8- Create a folder named spanish_transcription

Next create a new folder in your FTP directory named spanish_transcription

Files placed in the folder named spanish_transcription will be automatically processed for the Spanish transcription and captioning service.

DO NOT put a folder of files inside the spanish_transcription folder. Place files individually in the spanish_transcription folder.

These folders will appear within the My Files page of the 3Play project associated with these FTP credentials. Once the files are in progress you can log into your 3Play project and move these files to new and existing folders.


Step 9- Add media files to specific folders 

Add your media files to the spanish_transcription folder. Spanish source content placed in a folder not named spanish_transcription will likely be rejected as the file will be sent for English transcription services.

Media files added to the FTP will almost begin processing right away. Removing a file from an FTP folder does not cancel the request. To cancel a file from processing you must log into your 3Play Media account, and if the file is still pending, it can be canceled.

See more information on how to CANCEL A FILE from your 3Play Media account.

Regarding turnaround guarantees and cumulative duration of content

Only the standard four business day turnaround service level is available for Spanish transcription requests. The Extended 10 business day turnaround service can be requested via API or direct upload.


See more information on turnaround service levels.


NOTE:  Folders created via FTP will remain in your FTP directory unless they have been inactive. 
After 5-10 days of a folder being deemed inactive, the folder will be removed from your FTP directory but not your 3Play account. An inactive folder and their contents may not appear in your FTP directory but these files and folders are still stored indefinitely in the 3Play Media account or project associated with your FTP credentials.


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