Spanish Transcription: Enable Fast Turnaround

The following turnaround service levels are available for the Spanish transcription and captioning service by default:

- Standard (4-business days) turnaround service level
- Expedited (2-business days) turnaround service level
- Extended (10-business days) turnaround service level

Follow the steps below to enable the Fast Spanish Turnaround Module to add the Rush (1-business day) turnaround service level and the Same Day (8-hour) turnaround service level options for the Spanish transcription and captioning service.


Step 1- Navigate to Settings

Click Settings located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 3Play Media Project Settings button

Step 2- Select Fast Spanish Turnaround

On the lower, left-hand side of the screen click Fast Spanish Turnaround from the Add-On Modules menu.

Add-On Module Menu

Step 3- Click Request Access

Click Request Access to notify your 3Play Media account manager that you would like this module added to your 3Play Media account. 


Step 4- Activate Module

Once access has been granted for the module navigate back to the Fast Spanish Turnaround Module and click Activate Module

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