Spanish Transcription: Upload via API

The Rush 1 business day and Same Day (8 hours) turnaround service levels are also available however access to these service levels needs to be granted by your account manager after a request has been made directly from your 3Play Media project*.

See more information on requesting access for faster Spanish turnaround service levels


This method allows a link or full file, where the speech is 100% in Spanish, to be posted to the 3Play Account system for transcription. As soon as the file reaches the system, it will begin processing.

To upload a link, specify your link in the link attribute. To upload a full file, attach the file as the file attribute.

In both cases, you can upload to a specific folder. If you know the system id for that folder, use the batch_id attribute.

Alternatively, you can upload to a specific folder with the batch_name attribute. If a folder with that name already exists, the file will go there. If it does not exist, it will be created for you.

If a folder is not specified, or the specified folder is not found, the upload will go into your last created folder. If you have no folders on file, the file will go into a new folder named "API Upload Folder".

You can also use the API to upload pre-existing Spanish transcripts and media files where the content is 100% in Spanish to create captions and/or use the 3Play Media interactive video plugins using the Spanish transcript alignment service.

See more information on submitting content and transcripts via API for the Spanish Transcript Alignment Service

Before uploading a file, the API can also be used to query for a file's delivery date for the different turnaround times available at the time the file would be uploaded. To query for the delivery date use the following API call:


IMPORTANT NOTE: The POST must define that the source content is Spanish-spoken content by adding language_id=13 to the POST. Requests sent via API for Spanish transcription services that do not include the required property language_id=13 will likely result in the file being rejected.


Required Properties:

  • apikey
  • api_secret_key
  • link or file
  • language_id=13


Available Properties:

  • name
  • turnaround_level (options: standard,, expedited are available by default. *Enable the Fast turnaround module to be able to request rush and same_day)
  • video_id
  • attribute1
  • attribute2
  • attribute3
  • batch_id
  • batch_name
  • callback_url
  • for_alignment=1 
  • for_asr=1


A successful upload will return an integer value tied to the internal file_id for processing. If you do not receive this integer value, please check the error status, make necessary modifications to your POST, and try again.



a) If the user provides BOTH for_alignment=1 AND for_asr=1, THEN for_alignment=1 supersedes.
     There is no validation/error-return for this pathological case.

b) If EITHER for_asr=1 OR for_alignment=1 is provided, then ANY turnaround_level option is ignored. 
     The turnaround is always set to Standard for_asr or for_alignment.




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