Transcript Review

Transcript Review is a service ordered by the customer for an extra review pass after a transcript has either been completed by us or uploaded by the customer into the Account System.

It costs $1/min. The turnaround is typically one business day, there is no turnaround option.

We are supporting Transcript Review for Spanish. This cost is currently set at $1.50 a minute, but the price is subject to change.

There is a minimum billable duration, typically of 1 minute. The system uses the same configuration as the transcription minimum duration, so changing said configuration for a customer will affect both Transcription and Transcript Review services.

Step 1 - Select File

Once you have selected a file, click to expand the Order More drop-down.  Select Transcript Review.

Order Transcript Review

Step 2 - Confirm Order

Confirm the order.

Confirm Transcript Review order

The file should be finished within one business day.

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