FTP Manifests: Upload Instructions

This article discusses how to upload .manifest files for ordering services via FTP.  Note that .manifest files are only required if your workflow needs cannot be fulfilled with the standard FTP upload method, as explained here.

Step 1- Connect to your 3Play Project using an FTP client

For instructions, see Steps 1-7 of this article.

  • If you are ordering services for new media files, proceed to the next step.
  • If you are ordering new services for media files that already exist in your 3Play account, proceed to Step 4.

Step 2- Create hold_for_manifest folder

If you don't already have a folder named hold_for_manifest, create one now in your top-level directory, like so:
hold_for_manifests folder

Step 3- Upload a Media File to hold_for_manifest folder

In this example, we have just uploaded the file pictured above named "ForceUp1007.mp4".

Files uploaded to this folder will not be processed by 3Play until a corresponding manifest has also been uploaded.

Step 4- Create a Manifest

Now we need to create a manifest that tells 3Play what to do with the media file we just uploaded.

Please see this article for instructions on creating a manifest, then proceed to the next step to upload it.

Step 5- Upload Manifest

Give your manifest a unique name and upload it to your 3Play project in a directory of your choosing.

In this example, we upload our manifest (named "20000001.manifest") into a top-level folder named "manifests" to keep our FTP directory tidy, but this "manifests" folder is not required — you could simply upload your manifest into the top-level directory.
manifest file


Within a minute or so, you should see the services specified by your .manifest file reflected in your 3Play account.




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