Payment Information for 3Play Pro Accounts

This article explains how payments function for 3Play Media Pro accounts. Pro accounts are a subscription-based account that provide more features to customers than the basic, Express level pay-as-you-go account type. 


About the 3Play Media Pro Account

The 3Play Media Pro account is billed an annual minimum commitment of $1,200. This amount can be charged per month or anually, and provides options for different billing methods.

  • Payments are made according to the selections made in the account system during plan selection.
  • Payments that have been made towards the annual minimum are added as Account Credit, which can be redeemed for 3Play Media services. 


At the end of a term, existing Account Credit cannot be used to pay for a subsequent subscription. Existing Account Credit, however, will be retained on the account to be used for services regardless of whether or not the subscription is renewed. Note that this existing account credit is still subject to expiration after two years from the date of the credit volume purchase. 


Other details

  • If an account renews their subscription, that account will be given another Pro plan covering a second year, and will continue payments according to the Billing Frequency and the active Payment Method.
  • If an account does not renew their subscription, that account can upgrade back to a Pro account at any time by entering a new payment plan.
  • Accounts that fail to pay their subscription payments will be considered delinquent and will lose access to their 3Play Media accounts until the overdue invoices are paid.
  • Accounts that choose the Monthly Billing Frequency will be charged $100 at the start of every month anniversary from the start of term, regardless of spend within a given month.
  • Costs associated with 3Play Media services that exceed available account credit at Invoice close will be charged to the account.
  • Accounts that want to terminate their Pro plan's early can reach out to 3Play Media Technical Support at for assistance. 
  • Account credit expires after two years.


Glossary of Terms

Billing Frequency: This determines how many installments the subscription cost is distributed across. The options available to Pro subscription plans are Monthly and Annually. 


Annual Billing: Billing is charged at the start of the term, and charged as soon as the subscription is commenced. Available Payment Methods through Invoices and Credit Cards.


Monthly Billing: Billing is charged at the start of the term, as well as each month-anniversary of the year covered by the term. Payment Methods are restricted to Credit Cards.


Payment Methods: The different options available to pay 3Play Media Pro Subscriptions. 


Account Credit: Saved Dollar figure in the 3Play Media account system, which can be used to pay for 3Play Media services. 

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    I need a Pro account only for one month for a project. Can I go for the monthly subscription and then close the account after the project is over?

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