Audio Description - How to Upgrade from Standard to Extended

If you submitted a file for standard synthesized audio description and decide that there was not enough room to sufficiently describe the visuals in your file, you can easily upgrade to our extended synthesized audio description service.

Extended audio description pauses your video when necessary to allow for longer, more thorough descriptions.

To avoid having to reprocess your file in the future, consider using 3Play's recommended service level and/or reviewing the visual load of your file before submitting for description.

Note: at this time, upgrading from standard to extended is only available for Synthesized Audio Description. 

Step 1 - Log in

Log into your 3Play Media account at

Log in to 3Play

Step 2 - Select the file you want to upgrade

In the Filters section, click the checkbox next to Audio Description under Services to filter all files that have Audio Description and then click on the file you want to upgrade.



Step 3 - Upgrade your file

In the file view, navigate to the bottom right of the screen to see the Audio Description options. Click Upgrade.

Click upgrade in the audio description section

Step 4 - Order extended

Review your upgrade and click Order. If you don't want to order an upgrade, click Cancel.

Order your upgrade

Step 5 - Review and download your extended description

Your upgrade will show that it is In Progress in the Audio Description section of the file page.

Your upgrade will show as In Progress below your standard description information

Once your upgraded description is complete, you'll be able to preview, edit, and download your extended description files. You'll still have access to your standard description files, as well.

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