YouTube Live Auto Captioning: Schedule Live Auto Captions in 3Play Media

Before getting started, note the requirements below.


See more information on Getting Started with YouTube Live Auto Captioning

Once the aforementioned requirements have been completed, follow the steps below to schedule Live Auto Captions for a YouTube Live Event...

Step 1- Schedule YouTube Live Event in 3Play Media

Go to the Live Auto Captioning module in 3Play Media. Click Schedule YouTube Live Event.

schedule youtube live event button

Step 2- Configure Live Event in 3Play Media

Check the box next to your scheduled YouTube live event that you just created.
Configure the event scheduling based on your preferred event start time (could be the same time you scheduled the event for in YouTube).
Click Submit.

submit youtube live event button

Step 3- Click Live Auto Captioning Event in 3Play Media

Once you land back on the main live auto captioning page, click into the event you just created (status should be pending). In the Live Auto Captioning Details section on the right, find the rtmp URL (stream URL). Ex: rtmp:// This rtmp URL will be entered in your encoder (in this example, we use OBS).

youtube live stream url

Next Steps...

Streaming the Live Event via OBS

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