YouTube Live Auto Captioning: Create a YouTube Live Event

Follow the steps below to schedule a live event within YouTube...

Step 1- Sign in to YouTube

Click the Sign In button in the top right corner.

Step 2- Select YouTube Studio (beta)

In the login dropdown, click YouTube Studio (beta)

Step 3- Click Live Events

On the left sidebar, navigate to Other Features > Live Events

Step 4- Click New Live Event

Click Schedule a new event or New live event in the top, right-hand corner of the page.

Step 5- Basic Settings

In the Basic Info section title the event, schedule the event based on the preferred event start time, and choose either:  i. Public → viewable by anyone on YouTube ii. Unlisted → only viewable by you iii. Private → visible to select viewers.

Under Type choose Custom.

Step 6- Advanced Settings

Click the Advanced Settings tab and scroll down to Auto-start. 
Check the box next to Automatically start the event when you start sending data. This ensures that when ingestion starts, this event will automatically start and go live instead of a manual push.

Click Create Event.

Step 7- Main Camera Settings

Once Create Event is clicked you will be directed to the Main Camera page.

Under Select type of stream key select Single-use stream key. Once clicked, additional options will display.

 Under Select your encoder choose Other encoders.

 Under Closed captions, select POST captions to URL from the dropdown. 

Click Save changes.

Step 8- Navigate to Live Control Room

Click Live Control Room.

From here, you can monitor the stream.
Before the event starts, a Start Encoder button will display in the Live Control Room however it will not need to be clicked as it will move automatically to You're Live shortly after the time that the 3Play Live Auto Captions were scheduled to begin.

Next Steps...

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