YouTube Live Auto Captioning: Streaming via OBS

Step 1- Navigate to OBS Stream Settings

Click the Settings button in the Controls section at the bottom right, then click on the Stream tab.

Step 2-  Enter Streaming Information in OBS

You will be prompted for a Stream URL and Stream Key, which can be found on your Live Event Details page in your 3Play account.  See Step 3 of this article for details.

For OBS's Stream Key field value, paste the final sequence of characters from the 3Play Stream URL — specifically, all characters following the final backslash "/".
This portion is underlined in red above.

For OBS's URL field value, paste the Stream URL up until the Stream Key (do not include the Stream Key characters when pasting the url).
This portion is underlined in blue above.

Step 3- Add Media Source and Begin Streaming

Add a media source by clicking the sign under Sources and selecting Media Source from the dropdown.  Detailed instructions are available in this OBS support article.

Note: You probably do not want to check the box to "Loop" your media source!

When ready, click Start Streaming in the Controls section.

Step 4- Paste the iFrame Embed Code into your Web Page

Back on the Live Event Details page in 3Play, locate the iFrame embed code in the Live Auto Captioning Details section (beneath the Stream Key/URL shown in Step 2 above).

This iFrame embed contains the YouTube video as well as the 3Play Auto Captions, so all you need to do is copy/paste this embed code into your web page!

Next Steps...

Accessing the live event transcript within 3Play Media

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