YouTube Live Auto Captioning: Accessing the Transcript via 3Play Media

Step 1- Navigate to the Finished Live Event

Once the live event ends, you can access the transcript of the live event from your 3Play Media account. In 3Play Media, click on the Live Auto Captioning module and click on the file name. You should see your transcript similar to the below example. 

youtube live transcript

Step 2- Edit the Transcript 

If desired, edit the transcript by clicking the pencil icon.

Click to learn about the Edit Transcript feature

edit youtube live transcript

Step 3- Order Other Services

You can also order other services on the transcript after the event concludes. Click on the Live Auto Captioning module and then click View File next to the file you'd like to order services for. Click the Order Services button and a variety of services will appear including but not limited to Audio Description, Caption Placement, and Caption Encoding.

view youtube live transcript

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