Zoom: Integration Setup

Follow the steps below to link Zoom to a 3Play Media project to then create Live Auto Captions for Zoom webinars and meetings.

In order to set up the integration between a 3Play Media project and a Zoom account, the user must be the Account Owner or Admin for that Zoom account. The Zoom account cannot be a Basic Account or .gov.

Click for more information regarding role-based access control in Zoom

More information about different Zoom account types

Step 1- Log in to 3Play Media

Open a browser window and log into 3Play Media.

3Play Media Captioning Transcription translation services account login

Step 2 - Enable Screen_Shot_2020-12-15_at_12.08.31_PM.png in 3Play

After logging into 3Play Media, click Settings and scroll down to Live Auto Captioning under Add-On Modules.  Click Activate Module.

Step 3- Navigate to New Linked Account

Once Live Auto Captioning is active, click Linked Accounts located on the My Files page.
Then click Link a New Account.

Brightcove captioning integration setup

Step 4- Select Zoom

Note: You must have admin or owner roles in the Zoom account in order to link it to your 3Play Media account.

Step 5- Sign in to Zoom

Once the Zoom logo is clicked you will be redirected to sign into Zoom.
Enter the email address and password associated with an admin or owner of the Zoom account.

After signing into Zoom you will be redirected to a page where you are prompted to install the 3Play Media app from the Zoom Marketplace. Confirm to authorize the installation of the 3Play Media app within your Zoom account.

You will then be redirected back to the 3Play Media Linked Account page. 

The integration setup process is now complete!

All zoom user meetings and webinars within the linked Zoom account will now be displayed in 3Play Media's user interface for live captioning, regardless of user roles or types. In order to support live captions on Zoom's end, please make sure that meeting and webinar hosts follow these directions prior to scheduling their meetings:

Zoom: Required Settings for Meeting Hosts

User management is handled separately between Zoom and 3Play Media. Directions for inviting and managing users into a 3Play Media account can be found at this article:

Invite Users and Grant Permissions

Integrating a single Zoom account in multiple 3Play accounts or projects

3Play supports the ability to integrate a single Zoom account in multiple 3Play accounts and/or multiple projects in a 3Play account. By doing so, this allows 3Play users to schedule Live Auto Captions for their Zoom webinars and meetings pulling from a shared Zoom account.

  • In order to integrate a single Zoom account in multiple 3Play accounts or multiple projects within a 3Play account, you must be the Account Owner or an Admin of that Zoom account.
  • If the user that setup the Zoom integration in 3Play leaves 3Play (i.e their 3Play user is deactivated/deleted), the integration will not be impacted. However, if that user leaves the Zoom account, then the integration would stop working, and would need to be re-added by a current Zoom owner/admin in 3Play.
  • Only Live Auto Captions scheduled within a project will display in that project's Live Auto Captioning scheduling page. If Live Auto Captions have already been scheduled for a Zoom webinar or meeting, you will not be able to schedule captions again for that same event in another project.
    • For example, if you integrate a single Zoom account in project A and project B, and you schedule Live Auto Captions for a Zoom meeting in project A, it will NOT display that event in project B. This is true both across 3Play projects and 3Play accounts.

In addition...

Schedule Live Auto Captioning for a Zoom Meeting

Schedule Live Auto Captioning for a Zoom Webinar


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