Zoom: Captions for Meetings and Webinars

Follow the steps below to schedule Live Captioning for a Zoom Meeting once Zoom has been linked to your 3Play Media project.



IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING ZOOM CAPTIONING: Anyone with access to your 3Play Media project can schedule Zoom Live Captions for any Zoom event they can see in your project. However, in order to enable 3Play Media's Live Captions within a Zoom Meeting you must be the Host of the Zoom Meeting!



Prior to scheduling a meeting in 3Play..

Step 1. Navigate to Zoom Scheduler

Launch the Zoom application.

Zoom app icon

Navigate to Home and click Schedule.

Step 2. Schedule your Event in the Zoom Client

Set the meeting's Date and Time within Zoom, adding any other information and settings necessary. 
Note that 3Play Media's Live Captioning will work with a password-protected meeting.
Click Schedule.



Scheduling your Event in 3Play

NOTE:  events default to US-Eastern time unless a new timezone has been configured at the user level and configured for users outside of the US-Eastern time zone.

Step 1 - Schedule Zoom Live Event in 3Play Media

Sign in to 3Play Media and click Live Captioning in the top navigation bar. 


Step 2 - Within 3Play Media Click Schedule Live Captions 



Step 3. Select Zoom



Step 4. Select your Zoom account

Once you select Zoom in the previous step, several information fields will populate below, on the lower portion of the page. If you have more than one Zoom account connected to 3Play, use the dropdown under Which Zoom account do you want to schedule captions for? to select the Zoom account that is hosting the event or meeting. Under Show Zoom events scheduled by: enter the email address that was used when scheduling the Meeting within Zoom.   


Step 5.  Select the meeting type that you will be hosting; Meeting, or Webinar

Step 6. Select your Meeting

Once you select the meeting type that you will be hosting, a small calendar will appear displaying the meetings that you already scheduled in your Zoom client prior to logging into 3Play. Select the meeting that you want live captions for.  Under "Service Type", select the caption type that you would like to receive: Automatic, or Professional.  You can also select when your stream will be pushed to 3Play; meaning that if your stream may start early, you can change this option to have your stream start sending data to us earlier than the scheduled time in Zoom, just in case you may have some set-up and audio testing time before the actual meeting gets started. When you're ready, click Next Step.


Step 7. Configure Live Captions

Select Service Type

3Play provides both Live Professional Captions as well as Live Auto Captions. Select the service type for your event using the dropdown. 

Add Event Name

Add in a name for your event that will make it easy for you to find the event when searching for it after scheduling. 


Enter an Estimated Event Duration

An Estimated event duration is an estimate for the maximum amount of time that your event will last for. 3Play will be ready to provide you with captions through the entire duration that you provide to us using this information. 



Enter a Pre-Event Start Time


Different from your event start time, the pre-event start time will tell us how many minutes before your event you'd like to start sending your stream to us. This is before your event start time, and will allow us to listen to your stream before your actual event start time. This is useful if you may start earlier than scheduled. 


Step 8- Click Schedule Events

Click Schedule Events once an event or multiple events have been configured.
Once clicked, you'll be redirected back to the event page within 3Play Media.

An email will also be sent to the email address provided during scheduling fifteen minutes prior to the caption event start time. If the the event starts in less than 15 minutes the email will be sent immediately. The email will contain shortcuts to assist in completing the setup process given meetings may likely be scheduled far in advance of them actually starting. 

If you have ordered  Live Captions for a meeting that has already started, you will not need to wait for the email as the process can be completed by following the remaining steps below. 


Step 9- Start Zoom Meeting

Go to the scheduled Meeting within Zoom and Start the event.


Step 10- Validate Zoom API Token has been added by 3Play

As of June 3, 2022, 3Play will add the Zoom API token for you into 3Play, and you will no longer need to copy and paste this from Zoom into 3Play yourself. 3Play will start trying to retrieve the API token at the Stream Start time in 3Play (as specified when you ordered your event in 3Play). The Zoom meeting must be active in order for 3Play to be able to retrieve the token.


Both the Zoom email Mailer sent to the Zoom event host and the 3Play UI will indicate whether 3Play has added the token automatically. You may need to refresh the page to see the update.


Zoom meeting hosts will still receive an email 15 minutes prior to the Stream Start time (as defined in 3Play when you ordere Live captions) with instructions on enabling captions. The instructions now indicate 3Play will add the API token on your behalf, though you will still have the ability to add the token yourself, both through the mailer and through the 3Play UI.


Once you have started your Zoom event at or after your Stream Start time, the API token should automatically populate within 3Play as well as through the Zoom mailer within 1 minute. Ensure you refresh this page to see that it’s displayed.

If, after refreshing, you do not see the API token populate the field below within 1 minute of starting your Zoom event, then you must copy / paste the API token from Zoom into this page. To do that, follow the steps below:


Within Zoom, click Closed Caption.

Click on the closed caption button in the active zoom meeting
From the menu that appears, click Copy the API token located under Use a 3rd party CC service.

 Copy the API token after clicking on closed captions

Within 3Play Media paste the API token in the Zoom API token field associated with the event scheduled in step 8.

Next click Update.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING THE ZOOM API TOKEN: The Zoom API Token is not a static URL, this can change if a meeting starts and ends and should only be added once the meeting goes live at the time of scheduling.


Once your Meeting has started......

Step 11- Click Live on Custom Live Streaming Service

Within Zoom click More followed by Live on Custom Live Streaming Service.

The closed captions will be available as an option for all meeting members shortly after this button is clicked.


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