MediaSite 7.2.2 and SFTP

Users on MediaSite version 7.2.2 will see that SFTP is an option when adding a new audio transcription profile within MediaSite. Please note that the credentials displayed within the 3Play Media account system for setting up the integration are for the FTP option not SFTP however SSH keys are available for the SFTP option.

Please contact 3Play Media Support with the FTP username listed on the MediaSite integration setup page within your 3Play Media project to obtain an SSH key created for an SFTP workflow

Follow the steps below to setup the MediaSite integration once SSH keys have been emailed to you by 3Play Media Support...

Step 1- Copy SSH Key from Email

Copy the entire body of the email that contains the key including:



SSH Key to be copied

Step 2- Save SSH Key in a TXT File

Paste the key into a blank document and save it as .txt file.

Step 3- Log in to MediaSite 7.2.2

MediaSite logo

Step 4- Navigate to Add New Audio Transcription Profile

In MediaSite 7.2.2, click Settings located in the bottom, left-hand corner of the page.
Next click Audio Transcription Profiles > Add New

Step 5- Enter Basic Info for Audio Transcription Profile

Fill out the fields in the Audio Transcription Profile.

Name: Enter a name for the profile that will help you to identify it easily.
Description: Enter a description
Template: Select 3Play Media
Service Level:
Choose a service level for this profile. ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) is available as well as all transcription/captioning turnaround service levels.

Username: Enter the FTP username retried from your 3Play Media account. The FTP username will also be the one used for SFTP.

Step 6- Configure SFTP Settings and Import Key 

Server Protocol: Select SFTP
Authentication Method: Select Encryption Key
Encryption Key: Select Import Key

Once Import Key is selected click Select a File and choose the .txt file containing the SSH key that was created in step 2.

Step 7- Test Connection

Click Test located at the upper, right-hand side of the Audio Transcription profile page to verify the integration is working properly once the settings have been specified.

Connection Test was successful

Step 8- Add the SFTP Audio Transcription Profile

Once a message displays that the Connection Test was Successful click Add located at the upper, right-hand side of the Audio Transcription profile page.

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